Hi! Welcome to my blog!
I am a video game playing, Tumblr surfing, Japan obsessed girl from the UK!
This is my personal blog where I post what i like.
My Mori and Fairy Kei related blog is http://mori-fairy.tumblr.com.




Why hello vidyagameher, I am no way afflicted with mrsfawx *shifty eyes*

Haha I knew who you were immediately I am a genius, or a counterspy


Afflicted or affiliated? Heh. :3

Its so hard to be around people when your trust for them is mostly based on how strong their stomachs and gag reflexes are.

My housemate has contracted some kinda stomach bug and i am once again in hell…….


i cant wait to get a boyfriend, im all prepared. i punched some holes in the lid of this jar and i put some grass and a twig in it

Playing Animal Crossing again

Restarted my town and everything. Had a perfect orange tree growing happily by my house. Some idiot decides to build his house RIGHT THERE!! AARRGGHH!!

Im starting again. All my villagers suck anyway.